Food is amazing. Let’s make that clear. Everybody loves food, even the people that don’t like food. My advice would be, travel the world, take the step, find an international health insurance, get your plane tickets, make some friends via social media to show around and go for it!

By the way people who say they don’t like food, haven’t yet tried food which was excellent and made with LOVE.

One of those movies which kickstarts a certain feeling is the feel-good movie Chef. It’s one of those films that when you see it you think, I should have my own food truck.

The movie starts off by a chef showing off his skills for a restaurant, but actually he is not very happy with it. He wants to start for himself but is too afraid to do so. Until the moment has has no choice. He gets fired and needs a way to make money, and the only way he knows how is with food. This leads up to getting a food truck and running it.

The whole movie is amazingly done, it’s a fun food truck ride along with the characters and the music used for it is amazing. It’s so joyfull. Definitely a worth see!

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 04:  Chef and television personality Guy Fieri holds hamburgers in the kitchen during a welcome event for Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar at The Quad Resort & Casino on April 4, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The restaurant opens on April 17.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment)

Guy Fieri

What a guy, what an energy. If I could have only 10% of his energy that would be amazing. He is famous for his TV shows for Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives, Guys Big Bite and more. He is really amazing.

He is the truly American guy who can eat literally anything and enjoy the heck out of it. As an American food lover this is an amazing guy.

Till late at night I watch his tv shows on Netflix with my homecooked food in front of me. One of the awesome things is, is that he is fond of hamburgers, something I’m very fond of as well.

The magnificent wonders which goes into a burger is beyond believe. Making a burger sound easy, and it can be easy, but it depends on how juicy you want it to be. Wait. I’m I talking about burgers again. Back to Guy Fieri, the man.

His style comes straight out of the music videos of Limp Bizkit and Wheetus Dirtbag but he just doesn’t care. And it works for him. Just Google, food guy white hair and he will pop up. That’s marketing. That’s magic.


Hamburger America

Sometimes it’s one of those days that you find a diamond. This is one of them, the book Hamburger America. And they also made a documentary. This is treat for the eye. It’s absolutely amazing.

Burgers are beyond anything people have could imagine, the impact. Burgers have been around in so many forms and already for so many years.

In this book George Motz goes on a travel throughout whole America to find 150 burger joints finding the perfect burger. And that is the catch, there is no perfect burger, only good burgers and not good burgers. You got the normal burger, the fully greased burger (where they pour the whole burger in butter) and the fried burger which is amazing. I’ve tried it, but you can only handle one of those bad boys.

When you have time check out their trailer, buy the book (which comes together with the movie on DVD) and enjoy the burger ride.


Baker Bounce

While traveling around the world I of course have visited Japan. There they had this amazing Burger place called Baker Bounce, I must have been 6 times in the two weeks I was there. Yes I feel bad and guilty but I needed to go back and introduce my friends and experience the other toppings.

Their ketchup? They make it themselves from scratch. It’s so fresh, tasty and juicy that you come back. But not straight away. Why? Because they are so humungously big. It’s crazy and tasteful at the same time.